August 2014

The collaboration with the Netherlands is emerging. Developments are underway for an interfaith/intercultural farewell center in De Bijlmer, one of the most intercultural neighborhoods of Amsterdam, whereas Dutch universities in Wageningen and Delft might offer research into sustainable solutions regarding environmentally friendly (semi) cremations.

Positive inquiry, design thinking and emerging solution space also translates in ‘focusing on change agents that are inspired (‘passion”) by the journey and are adding value’. Passion translates into the question: what are you going to be doing differently tomorrow, even if that means you jeopardize the system?

From a consumer’s perspective: where can we tap into changing perceptions? Which churches allowed a different practice: e.g the Catholic Church to allow for cremation in the 1970s. Which people in the communities made extra ordinary choices (body to science donation), where doe the younger generation opposes the practice of overspending on burial ceremonies? As for the body to science donation: we engage with the Anatomy department of UCT to research this option in more detail.

The collaboration with SAFCEI is emerging: workshops are being discussed and they take co ownership of the documentary. Albeit the artistry of change management: non linear and intuitive.

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