October 2014

What is the available repertoire of intervention models in order to create space for change? The most inspiring one is the so called ‘white intervention model of Leon De Caluwe. … takes this even further as she creates free zones for change.

Unfortunately De Caluwe doesn’t go beyond the organizational level, so we need the studies of total systems intervention and alike to study the inter-organizational level. How does organizational development occur for the sake of social innovation? In order to understand the complexity of systems (and not to simplify the social construction of reality), theories of systems and integrative thinking are relevant in this study.
In order to have meaningful action in the public space, we need to use a practice-based approach (the theory of practice/change). The intervention being considered as emerging process, we use reflection in action* – or reflexive inquiry) to learn from practice.
An opportunity emerges to learn from other practice: the journey of eco coffins and its collapse because of vested interests in the undertaker industry. The responsible change agents seem to be eager to use their experience to overcome barriers and try to implement an improved version, whereby using the paradigm of the industry as starting point for renewed action.

An invite from the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) provides me with the opportunity to engage with Doug Reeler, community development specialist. We play a partnership game around a public matter issue: the issue of ‘interdependence’ is evident as well the flexibility to react on unanticipated events! I am happy to buy some academic books from their store.

On the last day of the month we participate in the annual memorial for relatives of people that have donated their body to science in the past year: impressive service at the University of Cape Town. In the afternoon on the same day we have the first screening of the documentary – in the presence of about 30 people – at the Solution Space at the Graduate School of Business. We have a great discussion and receive valuable feedback on the trailer.

*Argyris, Schon

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