Beginning the year

2014 ended with an inspiring encounter with Dutch Architect Robert Kats, whose agency is into innovative sustainable design.
The Xmas break brought me slowly but surely into a horribly sensitive mood where I found myself reflecting on my own death at least once a day, including what it would mean to decide to end your own life. I guess Death Matters mattered a bit too much!
The lack of understanding and support on the academic level wasn’t helpful either; it makes one feel extremely lonely. While knowing that academic research requires courage, determination and perseverance one needs their ‘partners in crime’ that stand up for you and your project if necessary. Luckily old friend and former supervisor Prof Paul Hart gave some profound advice and reflection.
A good talk with Heidi Le Sueur – academic coordinator at the GSB – might bring light at the end of the tunnel – hopefully. While I try to get back into the GSB scene, intervention models and gathering data on the severity of the cemetery and burial situation (thanks to great help of colleague Hillary!), the full feature documentary is in full swing shooting footage in Phillippi.
We’ll have to find another solution for the SAFCEI workshops as participants are not being mobilised in the numbers that we want. An alternative already occurs; if Moses doesn’t come to the mountain, the mountain can look for Moses. We are trying to get resources together to design and organise a ‘mobile tour’ into relevant communities.
Last but not least, an open talk with Alderman Owen Kinahan of the City provides the project with yet new angles. I think I might even survive February…

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