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The participating individuals are all passionate about the project and as funds are limited we have found creative ways to remunerate them for their professional engagement. The project would be happy to include appropriate legal and additional communicative skills and experience. If you are interested, please contact Lucienne on

Who we are


lucienneLucienne Kelfkens, change agent. She has a background in public administration and change management. Her passion: Creating interdependent spaces for creativity and innovation for change to happen.

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Paul Lensen, documentary maker and co founder of an award winning video production company. As responsible corporate citizen he has collaborated with Lucienne on a video about creative passion of township youth (youtube)In this project he is responsible for the production of the ‘Creating space for Change’ video.

Odwa Stemela, youth member and artist in the vibrant township of Philippi, Cape Town.  He advises on Xhosa related matters in the project. Odwa is also actively involved in the documentary.

margo-de-kokMargo de Kok, communication professional and Board member of Yarden. Margo is not only the liaison with the Dutch funeral and cremation company Yarden, she is also sparring partner for the website and social media in the project.



Michael Collins, co founder of PartnerImpact in Africa. Together with Lucienne, he is co founder of Partnership Broker Association Network for Southern Africa. His added value in the project is his knowledge about both partnerships and the financial industry.

Karin-KammerKatja Kammer, private investor. She is passionate about finances. In the project she handles the financial project management and advises on a strategy for financial inclusion and financial literacy for consumers.



Hillary Musarurwa, Academic from Zimbabwe and specialist on quantitative research methods. He advises on the ins and out of the survey within the project.





Sarah Dekker, owner of small social enterprise “Life Rituals”, passionate about sustainable personalized burials. She offers an alternative to traditional coffins. Back in 2010, sharing a coffee with Lucienne was the start of innovative developments in this field.



Sizwe Abrahams, crime intelligence expert. His role in the project is to advise on safety and security issues related to public cemeteries. He is also sparring partner on community issues related to the extension of the public cemetery in Grassy park as he knows the area inside out.


Francois Bonnici, director of the Bertha Center for Social Innovation and Enterpreneurship at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town. He was not only the first academic believer in the project, but also instrumental in realizing funding from the Bertha Fund. He serves as occasional sparring partner in the project.

Erwin van der Molen is graphic designer and responsible for the design of the logo and website for death matters. His passion is to add communicative value by creating high quality graphic designs.

Karin-AndersenKarin Andersen, website builder. She is responsible for building the website Together with Lucienne she has embarked on adventures related to French speaking African business.


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