Business model & participants

Creating space for change also means creating space for stakeholders to tap into the journey of death matters. Stakeholders are actively invited to use their mandate to take (co)responsibility:
– local government is invited to use their mandate and availability of instruments (law and law enforcement, subsidies, participatory decision making) to positively influence change;
– SAFCEI is taking co responsibility for the documentary, the workshops and the survey to discuss change among communities;
– the funeral insurance industry is looking at product innovation to facilitate change and using their options for consumer education and corporate social responsibility to enhance sustainable funerals that are financially savvy for consumers. Creating space for change also means creating space for new business models. Participating stakeholders add their knowledge, their people and/or their financial contribution to one or more projects.

Please feel free to (co) initiate change and contact Lucienne on

Our current partners are:

City of Cape Town :

Contact person: Susan Brice (responsible MECC: Mrs Belinda Walker)


Contact person: Sean Brown, Juanita Grevenstreyn

Micro Insurance Industry

Contact person: Colin Daries

Dutch innovative models

Contact person: Margo de Kok




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