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Research synopsis

Creating space for change: The story of funeral practices in Cape Town. In Cape Town, South Africa on average some 1600 bodies are put to rest every month, of which 60% are being buried. Not only are most traditional burials damaging for the environment; older public cemeteries are running out of space. (more…)

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August 2014

The collaboration with the Netherlands is emerging. Developments are underway for an interfaith/intercultural farewell center in De Bijlmer, one of the most intercultural neighborhoods of Amsterdam, whereas Dutch universities in Wageningen and Delft might offer research into sustainable solutions regarding environmentally friendly (semi) cremations. (more…)

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June 2014

While joining an existing journey to inquiry, this research is about the use of an intervention model on an inter actor level while using an action network approach rather than a partnership one. (more…)

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May 2014

Theoretical reflection regarding the action oriented research process contains at least the following elements: The central theme in the research is to co-create towards meaningful action in the public space. How can those partners become agents of change and overcome their own organizational boundaries in order to co-create positive impact? (more…)

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