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Research synopsis

Creating space for change: The story of funeral practices in Cape Town. In Cape Town, South Africa on average some 1600 bodies are put to rest every month, of which 60% are being buried. Not only are most traditional burials damaging for the environment; older public cemeteries are running out of space. (more…)

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July 2014

Design thinking* allows for using different perspectives to look into alternative worlds: what can we learn from nature and children for instance? While criticizing each other’s work anonymously, can you come with an improvement while using those different world’s perspectives (or e.g. De Bono’s thinking hats)? (more…)

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April 2014

In order to explore the case from various angles, qualitative interviews were conducted with: The City of Cape Town, Innovative undertakers (e.g. Constantiaberg) Legacy Parks (private eco burials). YARDEN, one of the main Dutch burial companies, that are dealing with interfaith issues. SAFCEI that encourages interfaith discussion around environmental issues. (more…)

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